5 Reasons Why New Patient Exams & X-rays Are Essential for Good Oral Health

5 Reasons Why New Patient Exams & X-rays Are Essential for Good Oral Health

May 01, 2023

Many people find it challenging to go to the dentist. They do so for many reasons, including expense, lack of insurance coverage, and morbid fear. Sadly, they run the risk of developing more significant health issues.

An oral exam will include the use of dental X-rays. The dentist in Cambridge will evaluate your teeth, jawbone, and other hard tissues in great detail with an X-ray by simply glancing inside your mouth. Dental X-rays are crucial because they can identify problems early, which makes the treatment easier. Read below to know why getting new patient exams are pivotal.

What Are Dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays help your dentist diagnose and treat oral disorders, including cavities and periodontal diseases that they might not be able to see or feel with their hands alone. For instance, a tooth that appears to be in perfect health can contain decay hidden beneath the gum line.

New patient exams & x rays in Cambridge, ON can help dentists identify previous dental work in new patients. It’s because fillings and crowns are common and easy to distinguish from the patient’s natural enamel.

How Often Should You Get Dental X-Rays?

There are a variety of variables that affect how frequently someone is exposed to X-rays. No one method works for everyone because every person’s mouth, oral hygiene habits, and dental history are different.

How frequently you receive dental X-rays will depend on many factors, including your age, oral health, disease risk, and if you have ever shown any signs of damage or disease.

If you’re an adult and have a healthy teeth with no oral disease or damage, speak this with your dental expert about avoiding an X-ray. But if you have a history of dental problems or have shown the potential to develop damage or disease, your dentist may advise more frequent X-rays to make sure your oral health stay at the best form.

Reasons Why Dental Exams and X-Rays Are Essential

An oral examination (known as a dental examination) helps to spot issues with your teeth, gums, and jaw. Let us explore the significance of routine dental examinations:

1. Oral Cancer Prevention

Oral cancer is a dangerous condition that frequently goes undiagnosed. It can advance very fast if untreated. During dental exams, the professional will perform oral cancer screenings. Treatment options exist for oral cancer in its early stages. Our dental team has received extensive training to spot oral cancer warning signs.

2. Detect Plaque, Tartar, or Cavities

Plaque that has accumulated may be challenging to remove. If it isn’t addressed, it hardens into tartar, which requires a dental expert’s expertise to remove. Routine examinations and cleanings can help to prevent tartar from causing cavities.

3. Prevent Gum Disease

Tooth decay is due to plaque and tartar build-up, which can harm the gums. Gingivitis, a gum infection, develops as a result of tartar build-up. The teeth may become loose as the condition worsens. At its early stages, periodontal disease is reversible. But more intensive periodontal disease therapies are required when left untreated.

4. Monitor Bad Habits

Smoking, drinking, eating a high-acid diet, and clenching or grinding your teeth cause damage to your teeth and gums. The dentist will examine your mouth during a dental exam to look for oral damage caused by these habits. By seeing the dentist regularly, you can repair the harm already done and support maintaining your oral health.

5. Find Problems Using X-rays

Our dentist frequently struggles to identify all dental issues with just their eyes. For this reason, dental X-rays are crucial. They can identify problems such as tumors, impacted teeth, broken jawbones, cysts, and bone degeneration. Your general health depends on addressing these problems as soon as possible.

Make an Immediate Investment in Your Oral and Hygienic Health Today

Like brushing and flossing, regular dental X-rays are crucial to preserving your overall oral health. By scheduling routine dental check-ups, you can take the best possible care of your teeth and gums.

To know more about how we can serve you in maintaining proper dental hygiene, contact our dental expert at Dental Art Clinics – Cambridge or visit our website today!

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