Dental Care For Kids

Dental Care For Kids

Apr 01, 2021

Kids have special dental needs. They are not mature enough to observe adequate dental hygiene, a requirement for optimum oral health. Worse still, they have a penchant for sugary foods, increasing their risk of dental caries. This is why the field of pediatric dentistry is very important. Here, your kid will see professionals who are specially trained to attend to the oral health needs of children. However, dental care for kids does not start with the dentist. It starts at home. In this article, we will see the roles of both parties (a pediatric dentist and the parents) in kids’ dentistry.

The Role Of Parents In Oral Care For Kids

Every parent should take their child to a dentist in Cambridge when they need children’s dentistry in Cambridge, ON by their first birthday. Of course, this is not to say that the child needs no oral care whatsoever before their first birthday. Parents can care for their kids by practicing oral hygiene. Before a baby starts to form teeth, you can gently brush the gums with a baby toothbrush or soft washcloth. When the teeth appear, brush twice daily with an infant toothbrush and fluoride-containing toothpaste.

As a caregiver, your child should never go for a nap with a bottle of juice, formula, or milk in their mouth. If they must have a bottle, it can only contain water. This helps to prevent baby bottle decay as these sugary liquids tend to cling to baby teeth and feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay. You should also endeavor to cut back on juice for your children. Non-sugary drinks are fine at mealtimes and you can reserve the juice for an occasional treat.

Your child should stop using a pacifier by 3 years. This is because pacifiers can affect how their teeth line up in the long run. Try to seek the advice of your kid’s dentist on this. Another thing parents should watch out for is their child’s medication. Children’s medication may be flavored and if this sticks to teeth, the risk of decay increases. Your dentist in Cambridge will advise you on how to care for your child’s teeth in these situations. They may need to brush their teeth as many as 4 times every day to avoid decay.

The Role Of A Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with the examination and management of dental health in children. Many adults have come to view dental procedures as uncomfortable. You can imagine how it must be for young ones who have to undergo these procedures. A pediatric dentist knows how to examine and treat children in a way that makes them comfortable. Their offices and equipment are specially designed with children in mind and this helps the children relax during visits to the dentist.

Pediatric dentists can help when a baby has problems with teething. This is a serious problem because proper development of teeth and jaws has to be appropriate for proper chewing and articulation of speech. The earlier this problem is detected and treated, the better. Some children have misaligned teeth that can also create problems with eating and speaking. Malocclusion is a situation where the teeth of the upper and lower jaws do not meet when the jaws are closed together. Pediatric dentists address these problems using their wealth of experience and treatment methods at their disposal.

They also function in preventive dental care including cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as nutrition and diet recommendations. They carry out routine oral health exams for babies to assess the risk of dental caries. If the damage is already done, they can act to repair tooth cavities and defects. Some medical conditions such as diabetes, congenital heart diseases, and asthma have associated oral conditions. Pediatric dentists can diagnose and treat these conditions in conjunction with the doctors managing the medical problems.

In conclusion, parents are enjoined to play active roles in their children’s oral health. At home, proper hygiene must be practiced. Children should make periodic visits to the dentist for check-ups and exams. These lead to a lifetime of optimum oral health.

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