Dental Crowns-Related Problems and their Treatment

Dental Crowns-Related Problems and their Treatment

Feb 01, 2023

Dental crowns are well known for giving strength to teeth suffering from trauma, decay, and root canal therapy. It is a protective shield made of porcelain. If we talk about the process of placing the dental crown, it is completely painless. When it comes to the life durability of caps, they may last in your mouth from 5 years to 20 years, depending on the attention and care you provide to protect them.

Common Dental Crown Issues

Here we are with the list of common problems that may cause crown damage inside your mouth.

Tooth Decay

Once you have done the crown procedure, don’t think there couldn’t be any decay again. It’s because there are full chances of such happenings. The tooth under the crown may decay because of poor oral hygiene. The adoption of oral hygiene methods is most important to prevent tooth decay. No matter if you have a teeth crown placed inside your mouth or not, keep up with a proper cleaning routine.


There are chances of crown failure after placement. So, it is recommended to pick up the right professional to have the procedure done inside your mouth. Decay is the most prominent cause of crown failure. But this situation may appear if there is an accident. So, always wear a mouthguard when participating in any sports activity.

Metal Allergies

Crowns or dental caps are made of metals. Sometimes, these metals cause infections inside and cause crown failure. If you experience gum soreness, bleeding, and swelling, you should go to your dentist immediately.

Compromised Pulp

Placing the crown can cause nerve pain if there has been a root canal and multiple feelings. If there is an irritated pulp, you may experience pain after the crown placement.

If you want to prevent such problems, you should get your nerve health checked by your doctor before placing the crown. Furthermore, if there is any need for a procedure like a root canal, get it done before moving ahead with caps so that in the end you don’t face any complications.

Chipped and Cracked Crown

Over some time and sometimes because of carelessness, you may have a crack and fracture in the crown. If it is mild, you can move ahead with the current one. But once it gets severe, you would require to have it replaced.


Tooth sensitivity could be a sign of tooth decay and another undercover issue beneath the crown. If the situation gets more complicated with time, there could be a serious issue inside. If you experience such a feeling, go and get your crown tooth checked professionally.

Not Having a Perfect Bite

Proper eating and chewing are the most vital functions of teeth. When sacrificed, then there is no use in having any dental treatment. Sometimes, patients feel uneven bites after crown placement. You require professional help because your crown needs some adjustment to have a perfect fit.

Loose Crown (Adjustment Problem)

It is a common problem that you might not experience immediately after placement. But over some time, the grip of fixed cement gets loose. If it becomes excessively loose, the crown may fall. In such cases, you should keep the dental cap safe. If it is damaged, your dentist can help you refix it again inside the mouth.

How to Prevent Crown-Related Problems?

Once you have done crowns placed inside, you must keep up with the cleaning schedule. Don’t give up on your cleaning habits. Follow the instructions from the dentist. Always remember that the health of the crown is completely in your hand.

The second main thing is observation. So, be keen about the feeling you experience inside after having the crown placement. In case you notice something unusual, go to your dentist and get it checked immediately.

The third most important thing is the choice of food. Avoid hard foods, and don’t go for surgery and sticky foods. Avoid extremely cold and hot food varieties.

Crown life is secure in your hands. Thus, handle it with caution so that it can benefit you for a long period. If you are seeking treatment for dental crowns in Cambridge, ON, Dental Art Clinics- Cambridge is the right place to contact.

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