Dentures Continue to Remain Teeth Replacement Solutions for Many

Dentures Continue to Remain Teeth Replacement Solutions for Many

Jun 01, 2020

Having lost more than one teeth you may be concerned about how you will have them replaced. You may have heard about solutions like bridges, dental implants, and others but may be apprehensive about having them because of the significant investment they would need. In such conditions, you can rely on the age-old dentures that have been used for quite some time as tooth replacement solutions by people.

Dentures are removable teeth replacement solutions for the missing teeth and surrounding tissues in your mouth. You can either have complete or partial dentures depending on whether all your teeth are missing or you still have some natural teeth remaining. You shouldn’t be concerned about having dentures in your mouth but consider visiting a denture clinic for advice about having them as soon as possible.

The Making of Dentures

The process of developing dentures will require a few weeks and many appointments with Cambridge Dental that can provide you the tooth replacement solutions you need. The dentist at this facility will determine which type of appliance is best suited for your needs before making a series of impressions of your jaw and measure the relation between your jaws to understand how much space is between them.

The dentist will create models in the precise shape and position of the denture to be developed. You will be required to try these models several times for the denture to be assessed for quality, fit, and shape before the final denture is developed. You must be prepared to have adjustments made as and when necessary.

What Kind of Dentures Can You Have?

You can either have complete dentures that are developed in the traditional way. You can also consider same-day dentures to have them placed immediately after your teeth are extracted. Same-day dentures will be developed before extracting your teeth and will ensure you don’t have to be toothless after the extraction.

If you have chosen the conventional variety they will be developed after the extraction as the gum tissue begins to heal. It will be available for placement in approximately 8 to 12 weeks after you have undergone the extraction.

Dental Art Clinics will offer you removable dentures that can be removed from your mouth whenever you are sleeping or feel your gums need some rest. It is a common perception among numerous that dentures are not convenient and will pose many difficulties when compared to other solutions like dental implants or bridges. However, after you get accustomed to wearing the dentures you will realize the perceptions are just misguided notions of people who for some reason preferred alternative options to replace their missing teeth.

Eating and Speaking with Dentures

During the first few weeks, you will experience some discomfort with the dentures when eating or speaking. It is a matter of getting accustomed to the new appliances in your mouth which will require a few weeks. It is suggested that you begin having soft foods by cutting them into smaller pieces and chewing from both sides of the mouth. You must be cautious with hard foods and avoid the sticky or hard stuff.

You may experience difficulties pronouncing certain words after you have dentures placed. However, if you practice speaking the difficult words out loud you will become accustomed to speaking properly with dentures. The new dentures may click when speaking and in such cases, you must contact your dentist for advice.

Can Dentures Be Worn throughout the Day?

Our dentist near you, will provide instructions on how long you can wear the dentures and when to remove them. During the initial days, you will be instructed to wear the dentures throughout the day including when sleeping. You may not be comfortable with the dentures when sleeping but it is the best way to identify any areas that need to be adjusted. After the adjustments are made you will be advised to remove the dentures before you head to bed. The removal allows your gum tissues to rest and permits normal stimulation along with cleansing by the tongue and saliva. The denture can be replaced in the mouth in the morning.

It is true that new introductions have nearly made dentures obsolete as many people are looking for permanent solutions to replace missing teeth. However, dentures haven’t lost any of their lusters and continue to remain teeth replacement solutions for many who are unable to or do not want to make significant investments for replacing missing teeth.

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