Facts about Immediate or Same Day Dentures

Facts about Immediate or Same Day Dentures

Mar 01, 2023

Immediate or same-day dentures are complete or partial replacement teeth inserted on the same day after removing existing teeth. Immediate dentures ensure you don’t have to wait for weeks together for the healing of your mouth after tooth removal. It also eliminates the feeling of self-consciousness that you must endure until your dentures are fabricated by a dental lab.

Immediate same-day dentures are an excellent choice when you must have all your teeth removed for infections or diseases. The prosthetics enable you to avoid the embarrassment of displaying a toothless grin and living without teeth. If you consider replacing missing teeth after getting your existing teeth extracted, the dentist prepares immediate dentures before removing your teeth.

Same-day dentures in Cambridge, ON, ensure you have replacement teeth immediately instead of waiting for your gums to heal before having your dentures fabricated. As your mouth recovers from the extraction procedure under the denture, it starts changing and shrinking. Immediate dentures can become loose during the changes making a denture relining essential to correct the problem. However, you may also need a replacement denture at some time.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Immediate or same-day dentures have many advantages. The most significant is that you never have to appear in public without teeth. In addition, duplicating your natural teeth’ shape, colour, and arrangement is easier when you have some teeth remaining in your mouth. Eventually, it is much easier to fabricate your new dentures for your natural teeth if the process is completed before the extraction.

Downsides of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures by the dentist in Cambridge do not fit as well as the false teeth fabricated after your gums have healed. Relining the immediate denture and replacing it to get your final prosthetics are expensive. It is challenging to predict the extent of shrinkage your gums will endure or whether the dentures need replacements soon as they loosen or can be fixed by a relining. Finally, you can only try immediate dentures once your teeth are extracted, making it challenging to determine how they look.

Getting Accustomed to Your New Teeth

Your Mouth muscles require time to get accustomed to your new dentures and may require several weeks as you learn to hold the prosthetic in place. You may experience sore spots or bites on your tongue and cheeks as you learn to use your false teeth. You may also produce extra saliva for some time besides experiencing challenges when learning to eat. You must learn to cut food into tiny pieces to eat comfortably. You must chew from both sides of your mouth to help the prosthetic remain in place. In addition, you must refrain from biting with your front teeth. As you get accustomed to your new dentures, you can add other foods to your diet to nourish yourself.

Familiar Concerns with Immediate Dentures

You will require some training when eating foods with fake teeth. Therefore you must cut food into smaller pieces to chew them from both sides of your mouth to prevent the dentures from tipping. You can add more nutrition to your diet after you become familiar with chewing.

It helps if you refrain from eating hot or hard foods because sharp-edged bones or shells can damage the prosthetic. You may experience speech challenges and face difficulties pronouncing some words. However, you can challenge yourself by practicing and repeating troublesome words until you feel your speech is returning to normalcy. If your dentures click when speaking, try to talk slowly. Occasionally you may notice immediate dentures slipping when laughing, smiling or coughing. You can reposition the dentures by gently biting down on them and swallowing.

Immediate Dentures and Denture Fixative

Denture adhesives can make life easier by providing additional retention for the prosthetics. However, denture adhesives do not satisfy the needs of old or ill-fitting dentures. Poorly fitting dentures cause constant irritation over an extended period and cause mouth sores indicating the dentures need relining or replacements.

Immediate same-day dentures are excellent for replacing missing or extracted teeth. However, only some people are suitable for these prosthetics. In addition, some patients are advised against this treatment because of general health conditions or specific oral issues. However, if you qualify for immediate dentures and must have all your teeth extracted, you can consider having them to prevent the embarrassment of moving around without teeth.

Dental Art Clinics — Cambridge provides immediate or same-day dentures if you must have all teeth extracted or even a few. Consult them if seeking replacement teeth to avoid embarrassment after removing your natural teeth.

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