Five Questions to Ask during Your Dental Tooth Replacement Consultation

Five Questions to Ask during Your Dental Tooth Replacement Consultation

Jul 14, 2023

Are you considering getting tooth replacements for your missing natural teeth? You will know that you are embarking on a journey that requires you to cross many hurdles before you can get suitable replacements for your missing teeth.

Firstly you must decide whether you are prepared to invest in a long-term solution as a replacement for the teeth you lost or are willing to get interim replacements with dentures or bridges having shorter lifespans. If you think your needs will be better served if you invest in a teeth implant to close the gap between your teeth you must schedule a consultation with an experienced provider to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants or must select from alternative options to replace the missing tooth. In addition during your tooth replacement consultation you must also discuss the process for getting implants asking five specific questions to ensure you are making an informed decision.

If it is the first time you have lost a permanent tooth as an adult you will likely not know what questions to ask from the dental tooth replacement provider. Therefore this article provides information on the questions you must ask from the providers when discussing tooth replacements.

Questions to Ask during Tooth Replacement Consultation

When you begin searching for tooth replacement options you will likely notice dentures, bridges, and dental implants in Cambridge, ON, promoted as excellent solutions to replace missing teeth. However it is only your consultation with the providers of dental implants which requires an invasive procedure and plenty of recovery time that you need to ask the five questions we suggest for making a commitment to receive dental implants for replacing your missing teeth. The questions are as follows:

Your Candidature for Dental Implants: as discussed earlier solutions for replacing missing teeth are multiple and dental implants are not the only option. However dental implants have a sense of permanency about them because they are surgically embedded in your jawbone to function as a replacement for your missing tooth root. The embedded implant provides lifelike support to artificial teeth mounted atop the implant after you recover from the procedure. However the specialists from the Cambridge facility will assess your jaw and gums by taking x-rays and CT scan to ascertain their health. Many patients do not have healthy gums and jawbone making them ineligible to receive dental implants. Therefore an assessment of your jaws and gums is crucial to determine your candidacy for dental implants.

Surgeon’s Experience: the popularity of dental implants has encouraged many dentists without adequate experience to set up dental implants clinics. However if you want to ensure you are receiving quality care you must inquire with the provider about their experience, qualifications, and knowledge about raising implants. Skill and experience professionals will not hesitate to share information with you because they are board-certified periodontists or professionals in oral surgery. Be careful not to receive implants from any clinic offering same-day implants at dirt cheap prices because they often result in implant failure to require costly additional procedures later.

Recovery from the Implants Procedure: It is essential that you inquire about your recovery after getting dental implants embedded in your jaw. It helps you prepare for your recovery before your scheduled appointment arrives. It also enables the provider to give you after-care instructions and tips to make your healing process comfortable.

Lifespan Of Dental Implants: Dental implants are permanent solutions for missing teeth. However it helps if you ask about their lifespan because although the implants remain in your jaw for life with proper dental hygiene you may require replacements for the artificial teeth mounted over the implant in a decade or more. Therefore you should ask your dentist on what to expect and how you can protect your smile for as long as possible by caring for the artificial teeth.

Dental Implant After-Care: Caring for your dental implants is easy because you merely need to maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing twice and flossing once daily besides getting six monthly exams and cleanings to ensure dental plaque does not accumulate around the dental implant and your natural teeth to make you vulnerable gum disease. Gum disease can weaken your jawbone and impact the titanium implant inserted in it to result in implant failure.

If you have chosen dental implants as an option to replace your missing teeth it is essential that you ask these five questions with the provider to ensure you are getting a permanent solution for your missing teeth.

If you consider alternatives like dentures or bridges you can receive them from dentist in Cambridge in a few appointments without undergoing invasive procedures as required by dental implants. However if you decide to invest in dental implants you must make inquiries and prepare for the procedure well ahead of time because it requires an upfront investment and proper care to ensure you succeed with the placement to have natural -looking and feeling artificial teeth as replacements for your missing teeth.

Getting tooth replacements is not challenging if you prefer to have dentures or bridges. However if you want dental implants you must consult with experienced providers like Dental Arts Clinics — Cambridge asking them the questions listed above to ensure you are making an informed decision when replacing your missing teeth with a permanent solution.

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