Getting Same-Day Dentures

Getting Same-Day Dentures

Aug 01, 2021

If you have a dental problem that is not reversible through restoration, our dentist at Dental Arts-Cambridge can recommend a tooth extraction. Also, if you have missing teeth from an accident or another dental problem, you will require replacements. To restore your oral functionalities and reduce the risk of bone degradation, the dentist might recommend a dental prosthesis.

However, can you get a dental prosthesis on the same day after an extraction? The answer is yes. You can get same-day dentures in Cambridge, ON. Before getting a tooth extraction on your lower or upper or even a full set, the dentist will order the dental prostheses from the lab and get working on them after removing your teeth.

How Immediate Dental Prostheses Work

Immediate dental prostheses are suitable for people who need to get tooth extractions before getting permanent dentures. When making immediate dental prostheses, your dentist will take impressions of your jaw and existing teeth. Therefore, your smile will look natural after placing the false teeth.

Such dental prostheses are suitable since dental technologists use cold cure acrylic rather than warm ones. Therefore, the material requires less time to harden. Also, your dentist can match the shade with the colour of natural teeth, especially if you need partial dentures.

How Long Do You Have to Wait?

If you pick immediate dental prostheses, you will receive your false teeth right after the tooth extraction. Before the tooth extraction, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth and send them to the nearest dental lab. Since the dental prostheses take less time to create, you will get them in two hours.

Immediate Dental Prosthesis Procedure

Such a procedure reverses some of the major steps when getting tooth replacements. During the process, your dentist takes impressions of your teeth and sends them to a dental lab before extraction.

After sending the tooth impressions to the nearest dental lab, the dentist will remove the damaged teeth. Once your dentist is done with extractions, you will get your new tooth replacements and ready to walk out of the dental office with a new smile.

Benefits of Same-Day Dental Prostheses

Unlike regular dental prostheses, you get to enjoy a load of benefits by choosing immediate ones. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to go home without teeth as you wait for the tooth extraction site to heal.

Without an immediate replacement, you might have to go for six to eight weeks before eating your favourite foods. However, with a same-day dental prosthesis, you can enjoy most of your favourite foods right after tooth extraction.

Also, placing the dental prostheses after extraction acts as a bandage to stop bleeding. With the overdenture, you are at reduced risk of developing an infection at the site of extraction. When you have missing teeth, you might look old and at risk of bone loss. However, the immediate dental prostheses maintain your smile and reduce the risk of bone degradation.


After tooth extraction, you should follow the post-operative care instructions according to the dentist.

When you get a tooth extraction, a blood clot forms at the socket where the tooth came from. If the blood clot breaks, you might be at risk of excessive bleeding. Therefore, you should avoid drinking or rinsing your mouth for the first 24 hours. Also, you have to keep your denture tray overnight to protect the blood clot.

Once the timeline elapses, you can remove the denture and rinse your mouth using warm saline water. Warm saline water eliminates bacteria around the treatment site, preventing the risk of infection. You will then repeat the drill for seven to ten days to reduce the risk of infections.

You can also consider the following care tips after getting same-day dental prostheses:

  • Avoid hard foods such as nuts since they cause pain when you bite down due to pressure
  • If your dental prosthesis is removable, clean it regularly and store it in a clean container when not wearing it
  • Don’t smoke since it hinders healing
  • If you have overdentures, consider brushing them just like your natural teeth
  • Regular follow-up dental visits

If you develop any complications after tooth extraction, you should contact your dentist immediately for treatments.

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