Here’s What You Need To Know About Dental Crowns?

Here’s What You Need To Know About Dental Crowns?

May 01, 2021

Teeth deformities can be frightening and what’s even worse is thinking that there is no way out. Well, there is a lot to know about Dental crowns and how you can get the relief and best smile you’ve always wanted. Let’s take a look at the solution right here.

Dental crowns are coatings placed on top of broken or cracked teeth. They defend, maintain, and rebuild the structure of your teeth. Dental crowns consist of metals, resin, chemicals, and porcelain. You can get recommendations about the type of crown that suits you best from Cambridge dentist.

What should come to mind when choosing a dental crown? 

Some aspects should be analyzed when getting a dental crown. To get what meets your needs and gives you satisfaction, you need to check out what goes well with you.

Dental crowns vary based on:

  • How much they cost
  • How long they can last
  • How strong and stable they are
  • How well they fit the tooth

All these are the factors that you need to look out for before considering a particular dental crown for yourself.

Some tooth coverings last for an average of 5 – 15 years. And if you need to change it often, you can also inquire from your dentist.

Types of Tooth Crowns

There are different kinds of tooth coverings though they differ based on the dental cap suitable for the person who has a damaged tooth. You can get your dental crowns in Cambridge, ON. When it’s time to decide on what type of tooth coating you need, the dentist will have to consider some circumstances like:

  • How much damage has been caused
  • The visibility of the dental crown
  • Where the damaged tooth is detected
  • What type of crown fits
  • What dental crown fits your teeth complexion

Temporary Crown

It is a tooth covering that is used for a short period before the permanent crown is acquired. It is acrylic in nature and usually done in a dental laboratory. While you’re waiting for your stable dental crown, the temporary one is collected.

Zirconia Crown 

It is popularly known for its strength, durability, and easy process. Though it requires high technology as it is a same-day process. Not all dental labs have the technology for Zirconia caps. It is bi-compatible, comfortable, and long-lasting. They can help the tooth from cracking, falling, tearing, and wearing out. It is white and ceramic with charming features.

Porcelain Crown

It can be fitted to your surrounding teeth. It looks like a natural tooth. A porcelain crown is a good option for your front or back teeth. They are also biocompatible. It is applied after the root canal procedure and works as an original tooth. If you’re looking for a dental cap with a nice aesthetic, porcelain won’t be a bad idea. You’ll need to visit the dentist two times for the Porcelain crown to be fully installed on your tooth.

What is an Onlay or 3/4 dental crown?

An Onlay or 3/4 is a tooth cap that doesn’t cover the entire tooth. Unlike other dental crowns that cover the whole tooth. It rebuilds cracked, weak, and uncomfortable teeth. It is used to sustain and restore teeth. For a person who has a gap in between the teeth, Onlay dental cap might be suggested. It is allowed for a person whose tooth isn’t fully damaged by decay.

Importantly, an onlay and ma metal crown will do the same thing for a damaged tooth. With the help of a Cambridge dentist, you can get adequate recommendations on what dental cap is best suitable for you.

Why you need a dental crown?

There are plenty of reasons why a person needs a dental cap. It varies depending on the damage. Dental caps give sufficient treatment to dental issues.

You need a dental crown if:

  • a tooth has been wounded by decay
  • You have to replace the old one. Especially if there is an old dental cap that needs to be restored due to a crack, damage, or due to ornamental purposes.
  • You don’t have enough teeth left due to damage.
  • You need to cover up a tooth with a heavy filling
  • You need to protect a dental implant
  • You’ve recently gotten a root canal treatment
  • You need to adorn your teeth and improve your smile.

Tooth crowns are the best solution to various tooth issues. If you’re faced with smiling and talking problems caused by your teeth defects, your worries can come to an end with dental crowns in Cambridge, ON. There are suitable dental caps for different dental problems.

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