Most Common Dental Problems in Children and Their Prevention

Most Common Dental Problems in Children and Their Prevention

Jan 01, 2023

There are dental problems that tend to affect kids of all ages. These issues affect their adorable smiles and can negatively impact their oral health. So, it is crucial to learn what these common dental problems are and how to prevent them. Read on to learn how kids’ dentistry in Cambridge, ON, can help you avoid dental issues in your young ones.

Dental Issues Affecting Kids and Their Prevention

  1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and cavities are some of the most common issues that affect kids of all ages. For example, baby bottle tooth decay affects an infant’s first teeth. Kids are prone to tooth decay as they are not proficient in maintaining proper oral hygiene. In addition, their diet contains plenty of sugar and starch.

As a result, plaque and tartar build up on their teeth, leading to decay and cavities. Untreated tooth decay leads to dental pain, discomfort, infections, and chewing difficulties. Your child will miss school or have difficulty learning.

Taking your kid to a children’s dentist near you is the most effective method of preventing cavities. The pediatric dentist will educate your child on the importance of brushing and flossing daily. They will teach the kids proper oral hygiene techniques.

In addition, they will provide preventive treatments like cleaning, fluoride treatments, and sealants. They will also examine your child’s teeth frequently to detect cavities. If any are present, the pediatric dentist will treat them with dental fillings. A pulpotomy is performed in cases where the hole affects the dental pulp.

  1. Dental Injuries 

Kids are always running, jumping around, or falling. Therefore, accidents that affect their mouths are quite common. For example, your children can have dental emergencies while riding a bike or playing. As a result, their teeth may crack, break, chip, or fall off. They can also have lacerations on their gums, cheeks, or lips.

Dental emergencies cannot be effectively prevented. However, you can take precautions to minimize their effects on your little one’s mouth. For example, you can get your child custom-made mouthguards. These will protect their teeth when from trauma when participating in sports. In addition, you can learn about first-aid treatments for dental emergencies.

  1. Baby Teeth Not Loosening

Children’s baby teeth must fall out to make way for permanent ones to develop. However, some baby teeth do not fall out. This is usually due to issues like jaw misalignment, damage, infection, or obstructions. In addition, the over-retained primary tooth can lead to problems like decay, misalignment, and oral health issues.

You can prevent this problem by visiting the dentist regularly for kids’ dental care. The pediatric dentist will notice when the tooth becomes over-retained during dental exams. Then, they will remove the baby tooth and help the permanent one to develop.

  1. Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking or pacifier use is a self-soothing habit for infants and toddlers. However, it affects the child’s oral development when it continues past the age of five. The practice can be detrimental to permanent teeth development and cause misalignment issues.

You can prevent it by discouraging your kid from using pacifiers or sucking their thumbs. In addition, you can consult your pediatric dentist on an effective way of breaking the habit. If your child’s jaw or teeth are already affected by the habit, the dentist will help you treat the issues.

  1. Pediatric Gingivitis

This is a common problem for kids with poor oral hygiene. Pediatric gingivitis is a disease that affects kids’ gums, causing them to bleed while brushing or have swollen red gums. If left untreated, pediatric gingivitis leads to gum disease, which is more severe.

You can prevent this problem by helping your child maintain proper oral hygiene. First, take them to the dentist regularly for professional dental cleanings. If your child’s teeth are crowded or crooked, they are more prone to the disease. So, take them for orthodontic treatment at the kids’ dentistry in Cambridge, ON.

Kids are prone to various dental issues that impact their smiles and oral health. However, some of these issues can effectively be prevented by pediatric dental care. So, schedule an appointment with us at Dental Art Clinics- Cambridge to preserve your little one’s smile. Our dental team has the expertise and technology to prevent and treat kids’ dental problems.

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