Professional Teeth Whitening- Best Alternative To Get Rid Of Yellow Or Stained Teeth

Professional Teeth Whitening- Best Alternative To Get Rid Of Yellow Or Stained Teeth

Oct 01, 2022

Teeth yellowing and staining comparatively affect your natural smile outlook. Your pearly white smile changes due to various causes. Certain medication, health issues, smoking, and excessive drinking of coffee can lead to the formation of stains on your teeth. In addition, aging causes your enamel to become thinner, exposing the yellow dentin. However, undergoing teeth whitening in Cambridge, ON, can restore your naturally appealing smile.

Teeth whitening brightens yellow and stained teeth and revamps your smile. However, unlike home-based whitening procedures, professional whitening has no adverse effects on your dental. Read on to understand why you should consider professional teeth whitening and its role in addressing stained and yellow teeth.

Causes of Yellowing Teeth

Yellowing teeth are common due to various variations that occur naturally. Below are multiple causes of yellowing of teeth:

  • Genetic variations may affect the color of your dental
  • Smoking tobacco product and drinking red wine causes yellowing of teeth
  • Drinking caffeine beverages causes discoloration
  • Certain foods like blueberries, cherries, beets, and pomegranates lead to dental discoloration.
  • Use of medication like antihistamines and other antibiotics and health conditions lead to yellowing of your teeth.
  • Once you get old, the out protective layer of your tooth becomes yellow as it exposes the dentin layer that appears yellow.
  • Failure to observe proper oral health practices can lead to yellowing
  • Traumatic injuries can cause damage to your teeth and change their natural color

However, you can reverse the action of yellowing teeth despite advancing age and all the above factors. Avoiding the risk factors contributing to yellowing teeth and maintaining a proper oral hygiene regimen is paramount.

Types Of Tooth Stains

Before you undergo teeth whitening in Cambridge, ON, it’s crucial to understand the different types of stains that may affect your dental. You also need to consult your dentist before using whitening toothpaste and other OTCC products to prevent your dental from adverse effects of abrasion and enamel erosion. Professional teeth whitening is ideal for eliminating the following type of stains:

Age-Related Stains: The stains result from changes on your dental as you advance in age. The stains are difficult to eliminate.

Extrinsic Stains: The stains are caused by pigments found in foods and beverages. The stains settle on your enamel due to tannin, but they are easy to eliminate with teeth bleaching.

Intrinsic Stains: The stains are formed deeper into your dentin later, underneath your enamel, and require professional whitening to eliminate them.

After a dental exam, your dentist determines that type of stain and recommends you to undertake the perfect teeth stain remover option. You can use home-based approaches, but professional whitening is more effective.

How You Can Prevent Yellowing Of Teeth And Stains

They are numerous techniques that your dentist may utilize to address your yellowing and stained teeth, and the ideal options include:

Professional Teeth Whitening: The procedure involves giving your teeth a brighter shade using custom trays. The trays are applied with the whitening gel, paste, or solution and placed on your dental. Laser therapy activates the whitening agent, which takes some time to take effect. You might experience sensitivity, but it fades with time. You should follow the aftercare tips from your dentist to keep your smile brighter.

In office Teeth Bleaching: Your specialist uses a concentrated bleaching agent to deliver a quick and bright smile. The procedure minimizes the risk of sensitivity from home-based bleaching techniques.

With the right teeth stain remover, your specialist can eliminate your stains and ensure you restore a confident smile. If you have sensitive teeth, it’s imperative to consult your dentist in Cambridge before the procedure. Additionally, to avoid complications in your whitening, you need to consult your specialist on the ideal approach. Staining and yellowing of teeth can be treated using whitening procedures.

At Dental Art Clinics – Cambridge, we utilize whitening stripes, solution, paste, or gel based on the severity of your stains and yellowing. The standard whitening trays provide subtle results within a short time. Besides whitening, you need to effectively floss and brush your teeth to prevent the stains from recurring. Teeth bleaching and whitening are effective approaches to revamping your smile. Please consult our specialist and whiten your teeth today.

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