New Patient Exams and X-Rays in Cambridge, ON

New Patient Exams and X-Rays in Cambridge, ON

Have you recently moved to Cambridge, ON, and are looking for a new dentist? Switching dentists isn’t easy. In some cases, it can even be frustrating and draining. When you’ve had a dentist for a while, you form a trusting relationship that you know you can count on whenever you need help with a dental problem. A new dentist means that you have to introduce yourself all over again. Here at Dental Art Clinic in Cambridge, we are committed to making your transition as smooth as possible.

Our new patient onboarding process is efficient and streamlined, and you’ll begin to feel right at home within minutes. Part of the onboarding process includes getting new patient exams and x-rays.

New patient exams and x-rays enable our dentist in Cambridge, ON to have a baseline that will inform your future treatments.

What to Expect

New patient exams involve a comprehensive evaluation of the state of your oral health. Our dentist in Cambridge, ON relies on visual as well as physical assessment to check for cavities, signs of periodontal disease, presence of lumps, and orthodontic issues, among others.

Dental x-rays provide an additional layer of information for our dentist. With the help of dental radiography, our dentist can ascertain your inner tooth health, alignment, or misalignment of jaws and even pick up on cavities that are in their early stages.

While many people are anxious about getting dental x-rays, we want to assure you that the process is safe, painless, and over in a few minutes. Your exposure to radiation when receiving dental x-rays is minimal and within what is considered safe levels.

How to Prepare

You don’t require a whole lot of preparation for your new patient exams and x-rays. Important to remember, though, is that the first appointment tends to be longer than your subsequent visits since we are getting to know all about you for the first time. As such, we advise our patients to get to our dental office on time.

Bring with you any dental records that you might have, as these may come in handy. You should also carry an updated list of any medications that you’re currently on, both for long-term management of chronic illnesses and those prescribed for the short-term.

Remember to share any concerns that you may have with our emergency dentist in Cambridge. Don’t go back home with unanswered questions. Our greatest achievement is to help you keep your teeth strong and healthy, while also empowering you to be the main driver of your continued oral health.

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