Preventive Dentistry in Cambridge, ON

Preventive Dentistry in Cambridge, ON

The only thing we prefer to fixing teeth is keeping them perfect and healthy. We have many teeth replacement options in the world of dentistry. Unfortunately, they’re not quite as great as our natural teeth. At Dental Art Clinic in Cambridge, ON, we’re great advocates for preventive dentistry.

Not all our patients are familiar with preventive dentistry in Cambridge, ON. That’s why we try to spread awareness about how important it is to preserve our natural teeth. It’s healthier, easier, more convenient, and cheaper than waiting for dental problems to appear before dealing with them.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is very popular with dentists in Cambridge, ON. It strengthens teeth and stops any ongoing decay from getting worse. It’s no surprise that it’s now available in almost all commercial toothpastes. Fluoride treatments, however, use much higher concentrations of fluoride than those available in toothpaste.

The dose has to be calculated by a dentist. Fluoride has many complications, like staining and pitting, if used in excess. For your safety, let us handle the dosage at Dental Art Clinic in Cambridge. It’s based on age and body weight.

Fluoride is applied to teeth using gel or small cups that are worn over teeth. You’ll keep the fluoride over your teeth for a little bit, and then we’ll take it off so you can leave. We recommend that you don’t eat for at least 30 minutes after the treatment so your teeth can properly absorb the fluoride.

Regular Visits

Patients are advised to visit a dentist at least once every 6 months. These visits should happen even if you feel perfectly fine and have no dental complaints. During a check-up, we’ll examine and clean your teeth.

The exam is a thorough one that encompasses your entire oral cavity. We’ll have to inspect it then feel around using our fingers and tools to make sure there aren’t any cavities or masses. Dental cleanings are the best way to remove plaque and tartar. You won’t be able to remove these at home. Getting rid of them is important because they contain bacteria that can cause infections and damage to your teeth and gums.

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