Root Canals in Cambridge, ON

Root Canals in Cambridge, ON

If you’ve got a recommendation for a root canal, you may be feeling anxious about the upcoming procedure. The good news is, there is nothing to worry about. The root canal procedure somewhat unfairly has a reputation for being a particularly painful procedure. The truth is, anesthesia is used, so nothing is felt, and it is meant to restore health to a tooth. At Dental Art Clinic in Cambridge, we aim to perform root canals in a comfortable environment for patients in Cambridge, ON.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that removes bacteria and dying, or dead tissue from the area within a tooth called the dental pulp. When a cavity has developed on a tooth, and if not treated promptly with a filling, the decay could burrow farther into the tooth, eventually reaching the dental pulp in its center. At this point, the bacteria and decay must be removed as soon as possible to prevent the development of an abscess or infection. If not treated promptly, the tooth could eventually require dental extraction.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

Before doing any work on your teeth, your dentist at Dental Art on Cambridge will most likely take some x-rays of the tooth. This will give him a better idea of what the affected areas look like and where the work needs to be done. A local anesthetic will be administered to the areas around the tooth to minimize any pain or discomfort for you. Additional sedation, such as laughing gas, may also be used if needed. The affected tooth pulp will be accessed and removed through a hole that your emergency dentist in Cambridge will make at the top of the tooth. The inside of the tooth will then be cleaned thoroughly, and an antimicrobial solution may be used to reduce the risk of further infection. A rubber-like material will be used to fill in the chamber again to restore structure to the tooth. The tooth will be temporarily capped with a filling, then later with a custom-made permanent crown.

To avoid extraction on a severely decayed tooth, you may require a root canal in Cambridge, ON.

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