Same Day Dentures in Cambridge, ON

Same Day Dentures in Cambridge, ON


After losing multiple teeth in an accident or due to decay, you need to consider ways to replace them. While dental implants may seem like a good option to some people, not everyone qualifies for this service. Another option that is less expensive is to replace your teeth with dentures.

Getting Your Dentures

Upon examining your teeth after an accident or finding a bad case of tooth decay, one of our dentists in Cambridge, ON at Dental Art Clinic, may recommend extracting multiple teeth. To replace them, he or she may talk to you about same-day dentures.

Whether it is an upper or lower plate or a full-set, getting them requires ordering dentures in-house from our laboratory. Then, immediately after extracting your teeth, our dentist that is working with you will insert them.

What are the Benefits of Same-Day Dentures?

One of the primary advantages of the same-day delivery of dentures is that you won’t need to go without teeth until the extraction areas heal. Healing from extractions takes six to eight weeks, so you wouldn’t be able to eat a regular diet during that time.

Inserting the dentures after the extractions act as a bandage to stop the bleeding, and they also help prevent infections as the extraction sites heal. Also, going without dentures can make you look older because your face may appear caved-in.

Same-Day Denture Delivery in Cambridge, ON

One way in which we at Dental Art Clinic stand out is as a provider of same-day denture delivery for individuals who need to have some of their teeth extracted to make room for the dentures (also known as false teeth). Many of our patients are often concerned about the interim between having a mold for dentures made, the dental extraction and having the dentures fitted in the mouth. With same-day denture delivery, we help you avoid this problem by getting you the dentures you need to enjoy the activities you love.

How It Works

Same-day dentures are also called immediate dentures and are an essential tool for individuals who need to have their teeth extracted before the permanent models are ready. Same-day dentures in Cambridge are made to match your individual jaw shape and will match your preexisting smile.

This type of dentures can be made rapidly because the material used is cold cure acrylic rather than a warm cure. The material spends less time hardening into shape and can be quickly color-matched and fitted after a dental extraction.

How Long Do You Wait?

Same-day dentures are literally given to you during the same day of your dental extraction. Molds are made of your mouth before the extraction and sent to our nearby dental lab, which prepares the appliances while you undergo treatment.

The entire process takes as little as two hours. The dentures can be fitted into your mouth right after your extraction so you can go home and participate in regular activities like biting, chewing, and smiling.

Are There Side Effects?

The main potential drawback of using same day dentures is that they might shift. They are fitted directly after extraction when the gums tend to be swollen. As the swelling recedes, this could cause the appliance to shift slightly. It is also possible for the dentures to become less secure over time.

How to Receive

If you are interested in same-day denture in Cambridge, ON and would like treatment handled at a location near you, schedule an appointment today for a consultation with our professionals at Dental Art Clinic.

Does Wearing the Dentures Hurt?

When a dentist from Dental Art Clinic inserts the dentures into your mouth, you won’t feel anything because your mouth is numb from the anesthetic. Then as it wears off, you may experience some discomfort while your surgical wounds heal. After getting dentures in Cambridge, our dentist can write you a prescription for pain medication.

Re-Lining Your Dentures

As your gums heal, the swelling from the extractions will dissipate, so your dentures may feel looser. Fortunately, Dental Art Clinic has a denture lab in-house, so we can reline your dentures so that they are tighter and more comfortable in your mouth.

If you’re wondering where you can get dentures near me, call us at Dental Art Clinic for dentures in Ontario that you can get on the day that we remove your teeth.

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