Teeth Whitening in Cambridge, ON

Teeth Whitening in Cambridge, ON

If you’re trying to look your best for the interview of a lifetime, you will want your teeth to look their best as well. How long does teeth whitening take and what method is the fastest? Our dentists at Dental Art Clinic in Cambridge, ON have the answers to these questions and many more about getting your teeth to look great.

What Teeth Whitening Methods Are Available?

You can whiten your teeth at home or go to our Cambridge dental office to whiten your teeth. The methods that you can try at home include:

  • Teeth whitening kits
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Whitening mouth rinses
  • Whitening strips

These methods help get your teeth incrementally whiter by using them several times a week or month. They whiten teeth using low concentrations of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. Usually, their effects last a few weeks.

Professional Whitening Solutions

Dental Art Clinic in Cambridge, ON offers professional teeth whitening services that get your teeth looking their best in as little an hour. The ZOOM® teeth whitening system is an in-office treatment that uses a 25 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide that can make your teeth look incredible.

It is not a gradual process because our dentists whiten your teeth in their office while you’re in their chair. After covering your lips and gums to ensure they are not accidentally bleached, our dentists will cover your teeth with the whitening gel. Then, they will turn on the chairside lamp that activates the gel so that it can whiten your teeth from below the surface.

How Long does ZOOM® last?

Teeth whitening with the ZOOM® system can get your teeth up to eight shades lighter during the in-office visit. The effect will last about a year if you are careful to watch what you eat and drink. Then, you’ll get a home touch-up kit that will get your teeth at least six shades whiter over a weekend.

Our dentists near you in Cambridge, ON can help you get your teeth brighter and whiter than any over-the-counter whitening kit, and the effects last much longer as well. If you want a bright smile, ask our teeth whitening Cambridge dentists about teeth whitening with the ZOOM® system.

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